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New technologies and business models underpinning a regenerative economy are urgently needed to respond to the global challenges our Earth and Society are facing.

— Bertrand Klaiber,  Program Manager, EPFL Innovation Park

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Context and Goals

A paradigm shift is urgently needed to reverse the negative trends in global environmental and social issues (such as loss of biodiversity, scarcity of natural resources, climatic changes, increased pollutants and wastes, economic and social disparities, etc.).

Sustainability initiatives will not be sufficient to save our civilization and the Earth as we know it today. A rapid transition towards a regenerative economy is required.

To this end, Tech4Regeneration fosters collaborations between different stakeholders to help disruptive startups deploy and scale-up their technologies through regenerative business models and strategies. Founded and managed by the EPFL Innovation Park, the accelerator programme aims to reach a critical mass of gifted and skilled leaders, partner institutions, and corporations, to accelerate the mass adoption of regenerative solutions. This is taking place within an ambitious program project to build a “House of Regenerative Economy” physically hosted at EPFL Ecotope and connecting a large international community of like-minded pioneers.

The French-speaking part of Switzerland is a breeding ground for innovation in this area, with the emergence of numerous startups from the EPFL and the universities, and the presence of many international organizations and corporations which act as sounding boards.

Beyond Cleantech/Greentech, the focus is on technologies for the regeneration of essential resources and systems. While clean technologies aim to reduce damage to the environment, regenerative technologies aim to restore and regenerate it.

1 Billion

CHF invested in Greentech startups in Switzerland in 2022


Greentech related startups in Western Switzerland, including +80 from EPFL


New EPFL startups that are in Greentech sector

Application fields

Natural Resources

Restoration, recovery and conservation of the air, water, soil, forest, etc..


Generation, transport, supply & storage, operating efficiency, etc.


Buildings and Construction, Smart Cities, etc.


Decarbonized mobility and freight.

Food & Agriculture

Agriculture, conditioning, transformation, nutrition, etc.

Circular Economy

Extend the life cycle of existing products and materials through sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling.

Enabling Technologies

Green materials and chemicals,
audit services and certification, green IT, blockchain-based regenerative finance, etc.



Why join

Benefit for startups

Embark on a transformative journey of development and scale-up for your startup:

  • join an international community of leaders and partners
  • access invaluable resources, contacts, and expertise
  • add your contribution to a global movement defining a new paradigm of regeneration, collaboration, and inclusive prosperity, substituting the traditional neoliberalism story and its focus on perpetual economic growth
  • get tailored support to help refine your business model, develop effective industrialization and go-to-market strategies, connect with investors and customers, and gain international visibility

Vibrant and engaged network

Connect with representatives from thriving enterprises and international organizations, and access invaluable support, collaboration opportunities, and industry insights to fuel your growth.

Individual coaching and mentoring

Get access to a wealth of knowledge and guidance from our multidisciplinary team of experts who will assist you with financing, operational or marketing challenges, or any other obstacles to achieve your goals and impact.

Immersive workshops

Participate in various engaging workshops designed to enhance your business skills, strengthen your entrepreneurial vision, and unlock the potential for positive contributions to nature, climate and society.

Investor connections

Seize a unique matchmaking opportunity to connect with a wide network of impact investors, increasing your chances of securing funds and propelling your project forward.

Pilots and market validation

Explore synergies and opportunities for partnerships around impactful proof-of-concept projects, pilots, and field-testing of your solution and business model.

Eligibility Criteria

If your startup meets these criteria, we encourage you to apply and take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to propel your venture forward and make a lasting positive impact on Biosphere and Society.


Less than 7 years of incorporation — We welcome registered startups that are in their early stages, recognizing the potential for groundbreaking ideas to emerge and make a significant impact.


Demonstrated technological innovation — Your product or solution should be based on disruptive technology, patented IP, or scientific breakthrough, responding to a well identified problem. 

Technology readiness

Ready-to-market product or solution — Your startup should have a product or solution that is developed and tested, ready to be launched or already on the market. This ensures that you can take full advantage of the programme's resources and support to accelerate your growth.


Customer acquisition and/or internationalization phase — You should be actively seeking to acquire customers and expand your user base. This indicates that you are ready to scale your operations and benefit from the program's exposure and networking opportunities.


Alignment with our mission — Your solution should demonstrate a potential net positive impact within at least one of the application fields outlined by our program. We aim to accelerate startups contributing to the transition towards a regenerative economy, i.e. moving away from business models based on overconsumption, extraction and exploitation, to ones where social and ecological goals are integral to the company’s mission.


Dedication and active engagement — We expect participating startups to attend all programme activities and foster open, collaborative exchanges with fellow participants to fully leverage the available resources, mentorship, training, and networking opportunities.


The first cohort will be selected among the applications that bring together various areas of expertise, e.g.
Renewable Energy
Energy Efficiency
Smart Grid and Energy Management
Energy Storage
Decarbonized Transportation
Waste Management and Recycling
Water and Wastewater treatment
Sustainable Agriculture and Food systems
Environmental monitoring and Analytics
Carbon Capture and Storage
Circular Economy
Green building and Sustainable Infrastructures
Environmental Remediation
Green IT
Sustainable Materials
Industrial Ecology
Green Chemistry

Common questions

Why is Regeneration so important?

In September 2023, an international team of scientists quantified, for the first time, all nine processes that regulate the stability and resilience of the Earth system.

These nine planetary boundaries were first proposed by former centre director Johan Rockström and a group of 28 internationally renowned scientists in 2009.

Since then, their framework has been revised several times.

Now the latest update not only quantified all boundaries, it also concludes that six of the nine boundaries have been transgressed.

stockholmresilience planetary boundaries

Credit: Azote for Stockholm Resilience Centre, based on analysis in Richardson et al 2023

What is Regenerative Tech ?

Regenerative solutions refer to a set of practices, processes, systems and technologies that aim to restore and revitalize natural systems and resources, rather than simply exploiting or transforming them.

The goal of regenerative solutions is to create positive impacts on the environment, communities, and human well-being, e.g. by regenerating and restoring ecological systems, soil fertility, clean water, and other vital resources.

Regenerative technology often involves using natural systems as a model for technological solutions and emphasizes the importance of creating closed-loop systems where waste is minimized or recycled, and resources are conserved and regenerated. It is a holistic approach to technology development that recognizes the interconnectedness of all living systems and seeks to create positive, sustainable solutions to the challenges facing our planet and its inhabitants.

What solutions or services are you looking for?

We are looking for any technical solution or service capable of generating a net positive impact in at least one of the 7 categories of the programme (Natural Resources, Food & Agriculture, Energy, Infrastructures, Transportation, Circular Economy and Enabling Technologies such as Green IT, materials and chemicals, etc.)

The programme aims at accelerating the deployment of regenerative solutions to fill societal needs while reversing the breaches of our planetary boundaries.

kate raworth doughnut

Image: Kate Raworth and Christian Guthier/The Lancet Planetary Health

More information: The Doughnut of social and planetary boundaries (2017)

How do you assess Regenerative solutions?

It takes a holistic approach to create truly regenerative businesses. Creating a positive impact with a specific technology is not sufficient if it is counterbalanced by the production of highly negative social or environmental externalities.

But addressing the impact of all the activities of your company in a comprehensive approach is precisely the aim of the program. All you need to have at the beginning is a regenerative tech and a strong vision for your venture, as well as unwavering determination, boldness and pugnacity, combined with the open, empathic and collaborative attitude required to develop a new – and vital - regenerative economy.

What is Regenerative Entrepreneurship?

Regenerative Entrepreneurship consists in developing solutions and businesses that contribute to the transition to a regenerative economy.

" The ‘take-make-waste’ mode of organizing is not sustainable, it’s time for a new work culture that prioritizes human resourcefulness and resilience.

— ref. How entrepreneurs are preparing the ground for a regenerative economy — by Julia Binder, Professor of Sustainable innovation and Business Transformation at IMD

" A regenerative economy means moving away from extractive business models and unlocking the potential for positive contributions for nature and society.

— ref. Oxford Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment — Regenerative Economy

" Regenerative Entrepreneurs and Positive Impact Companies (PICs) have emerged in recent years with a new way of doing business. They adopt a 360°approach and have a social and environmental purpose at the core of their businesses. They go beyond current notions of sustainability, shifting our economy away from its roots of extraction and exploitation towards caretaking and Regeneration.

—  ref. The Positive Impact— From Sustainability to Regeneration    


" Regeneration is the process that delivers sustainable living systems as the outcome of that process.

—  ref. The Capital Institute — 8 Principles of a Regenerative Economy

" Regeneration is the process of rebuilding or renewal of the common good — taking an asset, resource, ecosystem, individual, family, organization, community, or place, from crisis and collapse to recovery and regeneration.

—  ref. The Marketing Journal — “Regeneration or Extinction?” a discussion with Philip Kotler, Christian Sarkar, and Enrico Foglia

For more information:

•      Doughnut Economics Action Lab

•      The Regenerative Enterprise

•      The Regenerative Marketing Institute

At what stage can we apply?

Participating startups must already have a technical product or service to get the most out of the programme.

They should at least have demonstrated the feasibility with an operational prototype and possibly already get some first customers.

The programme does not aim to help develop your technical solution, but rather build and implement successful business strategies for existing products or services.

Our experts from various specialized fields may possibly help improve your existing solution to adapt to new systems, applications, regulations or markets.

But more importantly, they will help develop sound go-to-market strategies, manage overall impact, grow the company structure and culture, prepare communication plans, and raise funds.

What are the benefits of taking part in the programme?

By joining the 9-month Tech4Regeneration programme, you will gain access to a leading Cleantech ecosystem.

To develop and unlock the full regeneration potential of your business, you will receive personalized coaching and mentoring, and participate in specialized workshops and roadshows.

You will benefit from unique expertise and network from our partners, and will receive direct feedback from a panel of business and technology experts from the EPFL network and partner Universities.

Additionally, the programme offers opportunities to develop pilot projects with partner companies, connect with potential customers and access to international investors.

What are the main events of the programme?

The programme is still under construction and will be announced by the end of the year.

The main events will be the opening ceremony in March 2024 (kick-off event) and the closing ceremony in November 2024.

In between, a few roadshows, 8-9 thematic workshops, as well as regular peer-to-peer meetings and coaching sessions will be organized.

When is the next cohort?

The call for application will be launched on December 15th, 2023 with the deadline to apply being February 1st, 2024.

The first cohort will follow the programme from March to November 2024.

Can we participate remotely or do we need to be based in Switzerland?

The programme will include virtual, hybrid and physical events.

Startups from all over Switzerland and even other countries can participate, but shall be able to attend in-person a few important events at EPFL or some Swiss or International Roadshows.

Is there a fee to apply or participate in the programme?

Participation in the programme is completely free, including the application process.

The programme is fully sponsored, and we do not require any equity in return.

Selection will be solely based on the quality of the applicants' proposals with regard to the impact potential.