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Starting 2023 with Co-Creation Projects

Building desirable futures means solving complex challenges
society is facing

The way we work together today, does not solve challenges of tomorrow. We need to re-invent the way we think, work and decide.

Pace and complexity are increasing in all areas. We need to bring together diverse perspectives to create meaningful solutions.

EPFL research can have even more positive impact on society. We need to bridge the gap between academia and commercialization.

"EPFL ecotope provides an environment for radical learning and co-creation of meaningful solutions"

Evolution of Innovation practices

EPFL ecotope Curators,
the innovation energy

New ways of thinking

long-term perspective, customer and nature compability, blending of fields, open-data, open innovation

New ways of working

hybrid physical-digital, modular environments, agility, Future Thinking, prototypes, partnerships, digital capabilities

New ways of deciding

multiple perspectives, individual and societal trade-offs, navigating uncertainty, learning and commitment loops

What is the Ecotope?

Sensemaking of implications of emerging science and technology

EPFL ecotope curators tap into EPFL research and support dream teams as well as decision makers to find and prototype meaningful solutions.

Connecting communities for mission-driven collaboration

Sense-making and controversial discussions. Facilitation of future-proof decisions, based on possible implications of emerging science and technology.

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